6 Things to Remember Before Buying A Gift Card

Things to Remember Before Buying A Gift Card

The usage of gift cards is in the present trend. It is one of the best gifts that can be given to the beloved ones.

The gift cards are generally issued by a Bank or a Retailer to be used within the stores and related firms.

Such cards are used as an option to cash payment. Apart from this the offers like cash back and discount on the purchase of goods from the card are tempting the common man to be one of its users.

The gift cards in general are given as a present to the beloved ones as a replacement to the cash paid by the relatives.

But while you are planning to buy a gift card it is very necessary to follow a few guidelines.

This will avoid the entity to buy a card that is expensive and unworthy. It is the necessity to buy gift cards the give more on less pay.

These cards and the offers available on it are used as a promotional technique by the firm.

Therefore, it is strongly suggested to remembers the following points before buying a gift card.

1. Always check the places where the cards can be used

Whenever you buy a gift craft always check the stores where it can be used. The numbers should always be maximized.

Usually, the card given by the personal merchants can’t be used at many stores unless there is a tie-up with some other franchise.

The top company gift cards are considered to be the best option available to the users.

Also, the use of Master and Visa Cards are most trusted and suggested cards when it comes to efficient usage.

2. Read the terms and conditions properly

Most of the users are ignorant about the Terms and Conditions are given before buying the card. But while you are buying a gift card never agree to the points without reading.

The rules are given are must read. Usually, the conditions given have clauses that can trap the users with fake offers and expensive deals.

The deal may appear cheap and attractive at initial level but may include “Terms and Conditions” that might harm the privacy and restrict the user to make an efficient use of their cards.

So, kindly read the instruction well before the buying of the gift card to make avoid falling into traps.

3. See and understand the offers carefully

While the retailer or merchant are trying to sell you the gift card will give you several discounts offers on buying a new gift card.

Sometimes, the gift cards sold to the user are free but later these offers prove to be expensive.

Maybe you bought the card for free or in discount but truthfully the refilling of the card may cost a user more. At times, the offers available on the card are so poor that the user’s money is lost.

4. Beware of online fraud and trap

While you buy a gift card, make sure that you are buying it from an authorized retailer shop. There are various fraud cases in the online market.

Some fraud retailer may attract you with cheap offer plans and fill your account with the balance.

Later through an unauthorized link, the details of your account may be extracted.

Therefore it is always suggested to buy these gift cards from brands that are trustable and authorized.

Take care of the sealing of private user data policy offered by the firm. As a piece of chance avoids buying discount cards stating offers like 500 USD card for 50 USD.

5. Watch out for hidden cost

Many times there are embedded charges that the users are asked to buy while the purchase. Such kind of hidden costs must be well known to you.

The hidden cost can be charged in various forms like Card Activation Fees, Monthly Service Fees, Reload Fees, Cash Advance Fees, Currency Conversion Fees, and more.

In general, the store owned private cards do not impose these hidden costs.

Specifically, these charges might be applied in branded cards like Visa or MasterCard. So carefully read the instructions.

6. Pay no GST or any kind imposed tasks

There are vendors who may charge you GST or other tax while you are buying a gift card. If so, then don’t pay it, since it is not applicable here.

The GST is only applicable while you are shopping using the card.

Here are some very important things to be remembered while buying a gift card. Some other features like re-gifting of card you don’t want to use and trading of cards can also be checked.

So now, if you are planning to buy a gift card make sure that all the points are met. This will surely help you in getting a good gift card.

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