About Us

Welcome to NoHumanVerification.com. The center of free tricks and tools established in late 2016.

We aim to provide legit and working methods to earn all the premium gift cards, game hacks and cheats, and much more in layman’s language. Something that ordinary people can understand.

We wish to expand as a hub where you could find all the information related to technology, smartphone tricks, and tips, and most importantly, all the game hacks and cheats that 100% work in a legal and legit way.

Apart from these tricks and methods, we also publish some of the best games in their respective categories on our website. They are usually Android Games, iOS Games, Windows, and Console based.

Like most people, we also like to play games, and it doesn’t matter on what screen we’re playing (Console or Our Dumb Smartphones), we’re crazy about gaming. However, we often come across restrictions like a shortage of in-game currencies which keep us limited to enjoy to the fullest.

Following this thought mind, we decided that we’ll find all the authentic and secret tricks by which we could earn all these.

So, in the last 3 or years, we have been researching, learning, and taking action, all in hopes of founding the genuine game hacks and tricks so that no other gamer would feel the same pain. And that’s how NoHumanVerification.com was born!

Who are we?

We teamed up with several excellent developers and gamers who have been following the working tricks, cheats, and have noticed the patterns in how the games work. All to help our readers and fellow gamers community.

We are a team of code addicts, digital travelers, and developer ninjas who wish to revolutionize the Internet and make it a better place.

We’ve hired more creative enthusiasts and avid writers who wish to share our ideas and strategies to the everyday gamers and players which they can follow as well.

Recently, we’ve also started to add accurate and working methods on how to earn free gift cards of various brands and services like Amazon, Google Play Store, and a dozen others.

So, this was all about us! We thank you for reading this despite being so busy with your life.