10 Best Android Games Similar to Clash Royale

Best Android Games Similar to Clash Royale

Clash Royale is undoubtedly the most popular game on Android devices. It combines the awesomeness of card games with strategy games to make a unique game for all the gamers out there.

This game offers a unique deck building and card battling system that makes it more intriguing for the amateur gamers. But aren’t you are feeling too bored to play this game over and over?

Well, don’t worry. In this article, we bring you the 10 most popular and exciting Games Similar to Clash Royale for your Android device.

List of Android Games Similar to Clash Royale

1. Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft

This is a new strategy card game, similar to Clash Royale and is even better in some aspect.

This game tests the skills and patience of the players in an ongoing random battle. You need to build your ultimate deck to be in the top of the leaderboard.

So, what you are waiting for, give your opponents a tough fight with the ultimate deck and make the best out of each card from your deck. Experience the overwhelming support of the Warcraft characters, and guide them to glory.

This game is exclusively available for Android and iOS.

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2. STAR WARS™: Force Collection

Star wars is undoubtedly the most famous franchise. But wait till you play this game.

This game enables you to collect your favorite star wars characters in the form of cool digital cards and beat the hell out of your opponents using the classic card trading battle system. Get ready to find your favorite cards and trade them with your friends to build the greatest card collection.

So, don’t just stick around with Clash Royale and play this exciting game to conquer the galaxies with your favorite star wars characters. Collect, level up the characters and then face the hardest battle of your life.

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3. MARVEL Contest of Champions

Contest of Champions is almost similar to Clash Royale.

It has stellar content which combines the elements of strategy games and trading cards into a boastful package. You need to build up your deck with exciting cards, level up them and then pull off insane combos to defeat your enemies.

Win the battles to gain experience and more coins to craft the cards that will help you in coming journey.

This game also provides the option to play against AI in ultimate PvE mode.

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4. Cards and Castles

This is an exciting card strategy game that shares similar interest with Clash Royale.

This is a rather simple game which requires less strategy. So this game is ideal for casual gamers out there. The graphics quality is not of high quality, as it allows a light-hearted cartoon theme for the players. You can build your castles, army, and battle against other players in a card battle.

Get ready to fight the tough opponents in Single Player mode or you can face gamers from all around the world in Multiplayer mode. So, get ready for the ultimate war.

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5. Deck Heroes: Legacy

Deck Heroes: Legacy is a simple trading card game. You have to choose your faction and then build your deck to face battles.

In deck Heroes, you could collect the monsters and then lead them to victory in a fierce card battle. This game needs some time to master for a beginner but once you know how to outplay your opponent, you will be on the top without much difficulty.

So, figure out the strategies and tactics to create the most dangerous and powerful combos from your deck.

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6. Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is one of the oldest card trading games, which is similar to Clash Royale. But unlike clash Royale in this game, you play directly i.e. card vs. card, and there is no battlefield strategy in this game.

The deck is very small as it can sustain only up to 8 cards. But still old is Gold. You will play immense pleasure while playing this game.

This game is available in all platforms including Android and iOS. So, build your deck with stronger cards, and fight with the toughest opponents.

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7. Card Wars – Adventure Time

This is a collectible card game, which resembles around the cartoon Characters, Jake and Finn. However, this game may look simple in the cartoon but this game is as tough as Clash Royale.

This game requires extensive strategy to outsmart the opponents, and win the ultimate card game.   You can choose different factions in each of your lanes, each faction works with other factions in a more strategic way and thus you will figure out the perfect combo for your deck.

You can play in Single player mode or in Multiplayer mode with gamers from all around the world.

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8. Order & Chaos Duel: Trading Card Game

This is a really Kick-ass trading card game developed by Gameloft. And as we all know, they come up with really stunning graphics and this game is not an exception.

You can build your deck with over 300 cards to be the ultimate gamer. There is one interesting thing about this game; one card can supercharge the other players which make the Duels possible.

So, start playing this game and experience a new level of awesomeness.

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9. Digimon Heroes

So, you don’t want to give up your obsession for Digimon or Pokemon. Then this is the game for you. With the 1000 Digimon characters, it will remind you of your childhood.

In order to become a pro in this game, you need to spend some time trying to understand the various strategies of this game, in order to win the PvP battles. You can build up to 3 decks because it’s a 3 on 3 systems that makes it competitive.

So, relive your childhood and don’t let the gamer in you die.

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10. Kung Fu Panda: Battle of Destiny

This game is for all Kung Fu Panda fans. It is one of the best PvP games available on the web.

So, build your deck and help PO: The Dragon warriors in winning the kickass battles and conquer the world. This game has also other characters. This game is proven as a winner with its stellar content.

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