9 Best iOS Games to Play in 2019 {Latest}

Best iOS Games

So, the new iPhone X is here and Apple’s iOS has always remained a fertile ground for an eclectic variety of great mobile games from multiple categories. Packed with intense graphics and breath-taking gameplays, the iPhone and iPad are always ready for some solid gaming.

The store is filled with hundreds of thousands of games from various developers and they’re not stopping anywhere to produce top-notch games.

List of  Best iOS Games in 2019


I took the liberty to curate a roundup of some of the best iOS games in 2018.

Whether you’ve just gotten the latest iPhone or own an iPad ready to get your hands dirty, we’ve found some top action-gaming hits, role-playing epics, cerebral puzzlers, and more.

1. Banner Saga, and Banner Saga 2

Banner Saga
Banner Saga

Let’s start with my two favorite series games, Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2. The reason behind the popularity of these games is the blend of multiple genres with ingredients like adventure-style, combat, RPG, and mental tactics. The game runs on the combination of mainly two themes, danger and sacrifice.

In any given fight, you command a squadron of up to six fighters, which you can choose from an army of brave troops ready to fight and kill and your disposal. Moreover, the characters can be easily upgraded and customized over time. Banner Saga features the classic grid-based gameplay out like Final Fantasy with each player to perform an action by turns.

Do mention that all this fun, adventure, and thrilling experience comes at a price. Both the games can be purchased from the App Store and if you’re really into story game, then you must have to play the first one first.

Download on App Store – BS 1

Download on App Store – BS 2

2. B – The Game

B - The Game

B is a minimal and unique game about a man on a bench and a bee on a string. All you need to is to tap in a left and right direction to swing. It is pretty minimal but do not go with the concept of the game. It is pretty addictive and tough as you advance.

The simple motto of the game is to B Happy, B Quick, B Careful. It is a good time killer and you can enjoy the game while having a coffee during your break or in the meantime.

Download on App Store

3. Simple Knights


Simple Knights is a game based on the warrior who is named ‘Nehmo’ who gets a loan to make mercenaries to earn more money in the war but due to the attack of Devil and his army of soldiers, all countries stop fighting and work under his reign of terror.

And now, it gets harder for Nehmo to get a loan due to the lack of jobs in the country but there’s always a silver lining.

This fun packed RPG makes you steal and loot treasures from the enemies themselves.

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  • If you like RPGs, then this game is for you
  • The game follows the classical Dot graphics remastered into the 3D ones.
  • Improved Cinematography and dynamic camera angles
  • Various Avatar Customizations.
  • The game turns into a clicker mini-game when your rescue a Cat.
  • Collect tons of gear and items.

4. Dr. Darkness

Dr. Darkness
Dr. Darkness

Dr. Darkness builds up the story with a black magician who whispered his words and now everything is covered under the gloom and shadow, and the darkness has started to take over the whole world.

  • Hack and slash RPG
  • Dark and Mystic Game theme
  • Best side scrolling game
  • Dark monsters & Dragons

There is only one person who can save the world and that brave warrior is named as Dr. Darkness. Thanks to the bright magic on the worm, he has the talents to fight the monsters of the darkness and the creatures that hide in the shadows.

The game would impress you with impressive graphics, dark dungeons and real-life visuals and sound effects. With so many different scenic compositions and scenarios in every episode, you wouldn’t get bored at all. Become stronger by attacking and defending the power of your shadow cast of darkness from the evil creatures of the dark magician.

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  • More than 100 missions,
  • A unique gaming experience in the spider dungeon,
  • 10 different section maps,
  • Striking sounds and excellent graphics that will amaze you,
  • Real-Life visual animations and effects,
  • Daily Gifts and Rewards
  • World Ranking and much more.

5. Art of Conquest

Art of Conquest
Art of Conquest

Explore the vast magical world on your iPad Screen and defeat the enemies to expand your kingdom and rule the world with your strongholds. Slit the throats of evil dragons, and join the legendary witch league of heroes.

he game is not limited to just missions. You can also fight other players across the world in real time battles.

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  • Play and Challenge your friends with real-time duels.
  • Feel like a King and command hundreds of troops on a single, breathtaking battlefield
  • Summon various mythical heroes and use their powerful abilities
  • Stronghold your army by choosing from different might races
  • Kill enemies and rule 6 different kingdoms strive to survive

6. Fancy Cats Solitaire

Fancy Cats Solitaire
Fancy Cats Solitaire

Who doesn’t like Solitaire? And that too with cats? Are you kidding? Well, the Fancy Cats Solitaire will train your brain with different challenges. For those who don’t know about Solitaire, it is a popular classic card game that is played by a whole deck of 52 cards.

It can be played individually because all you have to do is to arrange the cards in the right order to complete each challenge. The best part is that you’ll find so many cute cats to company you in the game.

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  • Beautiful graphics and cute theme
  • Play solitaire with so many adorable cats
  • The game mechanics work on Drag and Drop
  • Upfront and addictive gameplay
  • Different game modes: Easy and Hard
  • Can be played Offline

7. Flick Heroes


Flick Heroes in another addictive game where you have to climb the tower and battle with enemies with a twist of action. This is a fun RPG game that features combat scenarios and as the name suggests, just flick and unleash mayhem!

The game offers various characters which you can unlock and win as you advance with special abilities.

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  • Fast and fun gameplay
  • More than 150 handcrafted levels
  • Dozens of characters, each with special abilities
  • Explore areas for loots to upgrade your heroes
  • Play more and unlock new skills
  • Hundreds of enemies to take down

8. Pocket Claw

Pocket Claw
Pocket Claw

From a leading Developer Magic Cube, comes a really intriguing Claw game termed as Pocket Claw. The best thing about Pocket Claw is that all the popular characters from the Magic Cube games come as a toy in the Claw Machines.

The game is fun when you have to collect all the toys in different claw machines and levels. It has some cute 2D graphics which makes it more old school and works on simple Physics.

With more than ten different claws, you can win and collect over 150 popular toy characters in the game.

Download on App Store


  • 11 special prizes that you can win across different claw machines
  • Create your own diorama with all the toys you’ve collected
  • Share your achievements on Facebook and Twitter directly
  • Regular Updates bring keeps the content fresh
  • The game also supports iCloud Save & Load for AutoSaves.

9. Sky Wolf

Sky Wolf
Sky Wolf

And last but definitely not the least, Sky Wolf is a mix action game with more than 150 missions to excite your adrenaline.

The missions are also subdivided into 5 different styles like Origin, Déjà vu, Sudden Death, Fever, Cooperation. It is a season rank based game with high rewards and much more.

Talking about action, the game features dozens of deadly weapons like Machine Gun, Sidewinder, Tomahawk, Sparrow, and a Cannon as well.

The player also sports some fighting abilities like Focus, Bomb, and Beam. All in All, Skywolf is fully packed with action with various enemies to fight from, bosses, and missions.

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Do let me know and share your thoughts about which is your favorite game and why do you like it in the comment section below. Cheers

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