8 Best Sites to Read Comics Online for Free

Hello comic lovers, Yes, you have already checked the article title that this is our best sites to read comics online free.

In this world of digitization, everything is getting digitized. Day by day, technology is taking place in our day-to-day lives. Be it a smartphone, laptop, internet connection, home appliances, or anything else, and everything is done digitally.

Gone are the days when we all use to do things manually through paper things and not these digital things.

Remember? Recalling the memories, what was your favorite time pass to do when you were a kid?

“I remember which I loved doing was when I was a kid was to read comic books.”

Yes, the comic book was my favorite, and not just me; I think every kid loves reading comic books. Isn’t it true? But as time passes, things changed, and so as our requirements. Now, people don’t really buy comic books.

Since digitization is taking place in our day-to-day life, people prefer reading kindles instead of books. For news, they prefer reading news blogs, but what is the substitute for reading comics? Well, here, you will get the answer. So, today, I’m going to talk about reading comic books online for free.

 Best Sites to Read Comics Online for Free

If you love reading comics but don’t have much time to do so, then you can read them online as well. I think all of us have a smartphone which we carry with us all the time.

We can read the comics on our cellphone anytime we want, and you know the best thing? It will be of no cost. Yes, you don’t need to pay a penny to read comics.

So, here, I’m presenting some best sites to read online comics for free.

1. Marvel

Martin Goodman founded Marvel in 1939; it is one of the oldest online comic series we have. If you are a big superhero fan, you should seriously visit the site marvel.com.

Marvel Digital Series can be accessed on Android, iOS, and the web as well. For reading it free, you can use Marvel’s free issues.

The site is all about the comics based on the superhero. You can also download and read the free comics and comic books on Kindle Fire, Windows, Browser, iPhone, and iPad.

Once you visit its site, you will see various tabs like Comics, Games, Latest News, Videos, TV, etc. However, for watching the movies, you need to pay them a small amount. But for watching your favorite digital comic, you can enjoy it for free.

You can start reading all your favorite Marvel digital comics here like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Thor, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Inhuman, Black Panther, Iron Man, Hulk, Star Wars, Wolverine, and much more.

If you need more, you can upgrade and take Marvel’s membership by paying them a small amount. Till the time, you can explore the full free issues of Marvel comics.

2. GetComics

GetComics is another big name to read comics online. Here, you will most probably get US-based comics published by Marvel and DC.

It has started as an alternative place to download the comic series. The best part of GetComics is that the comics you will get on the site are free of cost. That means you do not need to pay anything to read your favorite comic. There is no hidden cost also which you need to pay later.

Now, talking about its originality, all those comics listed on GetComics are not originally ripped or uploaded by the team of GetComics.

Various sources from the internet compile the comics, but the biggest and the primary source are from the “Empire.” When you visit the profile, you will see various tabs like DC comic, Marvel comic, other comic, read comic online, etc.

You will get all the comics in the various tabs. The one more thing that makes the site worthy is that you can also download it for free to read it when you are not online.

3. ComicBook+

ComicBook+ is a site that mainly focuses on comic books only. It is the premier and the original site where you can download and read the golden and silver age comic books. Along with that, they also hold a large and growing selection of pulp fiction and comic strips.

The best part of their site is that all the contents they provide are 100% free and legal. They also assure that no material is breaching the copyright or trademark law.

If you are looking for an online free comic book that is 100% reliable and legal, ComicBook+ is the right place for you.

4. DCKids

DCKids is not a very big site but a good one. The site focuses on younger readers. It is a fascinating site to open the magic door and cultivate their imagination for their young readers.

As I said before, the site’s collection isn’t a huge one but definitely worth reading.

When you visit the site, you will see a small section that is very easy to use. There, you will see many tabs like Games, Videos, Comics, and Downloads. The content you will see on the site is primarily for the small kids. The material is all about super characters like Superman, Batman, Woman, and Captain Marvel.

Be it a comic, video, or a game, everything is made exclusively for children with beautiful graphics. In the comic section, you will not see many comics, but yes, whatever content is available, it is worth reading. Also, since it is straightforward to use, it won’t be a problem for anyone who is not aware of online comics.

5. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is also a famous name in the list of best online comics. Here, you will get a big collection of comics in almost every genre. They are a non-profit library that serves the people whosoever visit their site.

If we look into how they work, it is entirely different from the other sites mentioned here. Internet Archive collects all the published works and then makes them available in digital formats for their visitors.

When you look into the site, it may seem quite confused and difficult to access. But once you spend some quality time there, it will be easy for you to access the website for reading online comics.

They have a big collection that Topic and Subjects, Availability, Media Type, Collection, Creator, and Language can be filtered. Some of the comics need some amount to explore, but there are many free comics there too.

6. DriveThruComics

As the name suggests, DriveThruComics is all about the comics. It is also a part of a family of premiere online marketplaces such as DNDClassics, Drive-Thru RPG, RPGNow, DriveThruFiction, Wargame Vault DriveThruCards.

Based on the web, it is the very first comic store where we can download the comics. It also has a large selection of creators and publishers as well.

You will get a lot of free books which you can try downloading. They do have an extensive collection and range of books. Here, you will find the books of many big publishers such as Aspen Comics, Burning Wheel, Caliber Comics, Dork Storm Press, Evil Inc Comics, Heroic Publishing, IDW Publishing, Moonstone, and many more.

When you visit the site, you will see many categories like Audience, Genre, Product Type, Publisher, and Languages. These are the categories through which you can browse the site in a much simpler way.

Talking about its design, it is made effortlessly. As I mentioned above, you will get several categories, and there will be categories like Newest Title, Best Selling Title, Newest Free Title, etc.

On the site, there will be some new collections where you need to pay for the reading. However, there will be many free titles also which you can read, download without spending a penny.

Some of my favorite comics from the free sections were Merry Christmas 2017, Lucky Comics Preview 1, Black Dog, and Rebel Rose.

7. Digital Comic Museum

Digital Comic Museum has got the best name in the list of top free comic books to read online. They are one of the best sites on the list of free comic sites. Here, you can download the free public domain Golden Age Comics.

Their staff and users have researched all their files to ensure that they are copyright-free and in the public domain.

If you are eager to read the comics in Digital Comic Museum, all you need to do is register your account and start reading.

The cherry on the cake is that they do not charge per download, and their goal is to archive these comic books online and make them widely available.

When you visit their site, it looks effortless in terms of using it. All the titles are categorized into Top Rated, Latest Uploaded, and Most Downloaded comics.

You can also see the titles by entering just as a visitor and not by signing in. However, if you wish to download it, you must register yourself and then log in from the credentials.

You will see a column of search bar there where you can search all the titles. If in case you have some difficulty, you can also chat with them and solve your query. All over, it is an excellent site to surf free comics online.

8. Newsarama

Newsarama was a weekly newsletter that had a bit of info on comic book news. It was founded in 1998. But after 18 years, they thought of growing their domain into a website that was the first major professional comic book news website. It is also one of the largest and influential genre websites in history.

Newsarama is the best place where comic book fans and Sci-Fi enthusiasts can find the latest news, theories, and speculation about their Favorite Characters, Movies, Books, Games, and Shows.

The site’s primary motive is to be a must-see 365-day-a-year comic book convention without the long lines. You will see different categories such as Comics, Games, Films & TV, Countdowns, Preview, and Topics on the website. These are the genre which you will find on the website. You won’t get into trouble using the site.

You might feel confused the first time. But once you spend 5 minutes there, you will quickly get it. All the comics are free of cost. You do not need to pay for it, and that’s what makes the site worth it. Isn’t it?

Final Words

Here, I have mentioned the best websites to read an online comic for free. The list is based on various trustworthy sources. You can trust the sites and can read your favorite comic series just for free.

You might need to pay in some of the sites as the list contains some sites where you need to spend some amount to enjoy the comics. But worry not, I have listed the websites where you do not need to pay. So, if you were looking for a comic for a long time that you can easily read on your smartphone or laptop, these will help you for sure.

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