16 Easy Ways to Get Free Google Play Codes & Credit in 2021

There are millions of apps on the Google Play Store, probably much more than Apple’s iTunes Store. But the dilemma is, while many of them are free, the useful ones and amazing apps and games are paid.

Here, in the guide, we will present you to get free Google Play codes without any trouble.

The free ones give you basic functionality, but you get to unlock the premium features if you pay for the in-app purchase. The app charge can be easily added to your monthly bill, making it more convenient, but the amount soon becomes up more than you’re willing to pay.

It is entirely justified for developers to charge for the apps they have developed, but what if you couldn’t afford to spend all on digital products!

Lucky for you, there is a way to avoid most of these charges, and that is by earning and gaining free Google Play gift cards, which you can use to spend on the most excellent apps and games.

What are Google Play gift card codes & How they work?

You may or may not have discovered on Google Play gift cards, but they’re primarily for purchasing most of the things in the Google Play Store including Movies, Books, Music as well.

When you have sufficient credits on the gift card, you can use them to buy apps or unlock the premium uses. You can use even them as gifts for your friends and family as presents on various occasions.

Unlike other gift cards or vouchers, Google Play codes never expire so you can save them up until you want to purchase an expensive app or games as many as you want.

Now, you can either buy the Google Play gift cards online, but that requires you to pay from your credit card, which requires personal information.

You may or may not have discovered on Google Play gift cards, but they’re primarily for purchasing most of the things in the Google Play Store, including Movies, Books, Music as well.

When you have sufficient credits on the gift card, you can use them to buy apps or unlock the premium uses. You can even use them as gifts for your friends and family as presents on various occasions.

Unlike other gift cards or vouchers, Google Play codes never expire, so you can save them up until you want to purchase an expensive app or games as many as you want.

Now, you can either purchase the Google Play gift cards online, but that requires you to pay from your credit card details, which requires personal information.

How to get free Google Play codes?

Now we understand that no one likes to pay for the apps or anything (as long as the thing is physical) but what if you could earn free Google Play gift cards.

You can either win credits as a reward or a bonus for doing various tasks or things.

1. Free Google Play Redeem Codes List (Updated Weekly)

List of free Google Play redeem codes in 2021. Find the working Google Play redeem codes for your purchase on the Google Play store in the below list.


2. PayPrizes

PayPrizes is a website where you can earn unlimited free Google Play gift cards by only completing the little tasks they offer or by downloading the apps.

The task can be anything. You may need to download any app PayPrizes ask you to or watch any ad they show you. You can easily spend a few minutes downloading apps, and the PayPrizes will give you some points depends on the task given.

You may easily earn 1000-5000 points by doing the same. After completing the minimum number of 1000 points, you will be able to redeem it for a $10 Google Play gift card.

This card will help you buy any app you want to purchase from the Google Play store for free of cost.

PayPrizes is a legit website where you can easily earn some points, that can be redeemed into the free Google Play gift card codes.

3. GPlayReward

GPlayReward is a trusted GPT (Get Paid To) website where you can earn free Google Play gift cards. To get the Google Play credit on GPlayReward, you need 1000 points to redeem a $10 free Google Play gift card.

The site also offers $10, $25, and $50 cards, but I recommend you to earn 1000 points and get your first $10 gift card.

GPlayReward supports offer walls, survey routers, daily bonuses, video ads, etc., to earn points at your convenience.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

One of the best and most popular ways to get free Google Play codes is from Google itself to give them to you. By registering up for Google Opinion Rewards, all you need to do is fill and complete all the Google survey team surveys.

You can download the Google Opinion Rewards app from Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS devices.

You’ll instantly get the credits for each survey that you complete enabling you to earn up to $1 on the completed survey. You might win several surveys per week, and there are chances that you only receive one survey weekly. It merely depends on how many surveys are available to fill each week.

As Google creates the surveys partnered with third-party companies itself, most of them will be different from surveys and feedback have taken by other websites. Surveys from Google Opinion Rewards can even ask your opinion about the favorite logo designs from two different design sets, or your opinion about a particular politician, and your favorite brand of soft drinks.

There are other secure methods to free Google Play credit is by downloading featured applications and games.

However, getting paid to take surveys should be your primary or secondary method to get free Google Play codes. You can also try other methods that rely on downloading apps, games, or watching videos.

5. Swagbucks

The Internet community loves Swagbucks. It is one of the biggest and most popular prize portals on the web, and you can earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, or even surfing the Internet, and your favorite online shopping.

Swagbucks has been on the market because it is one of the several ways you to earn a free Google Play gift card without using a smartphone app.

While there are several different redemption options at the Swagbucks reward store, you can redeem Google Play gift card codes (at the moment) is a $50 card that costs 5,000 points.

6. FeaturePoints

With FeaturePoints, you can easily earn points by downloading free apps and trying them for a minute or so.

The featured apps change regularly and can be either game, books, music, or the latest messenger app. It is also reasonable to earn points by watching videos. Points can be exchanged for Google Play credits, paid apps, or online gift cards.

Regarding Google Play gift card codes, you usually need to bank up enough points to value a $10 or $15 gift card.

You can increase the point collection process by referring it to your every friend. FeaturePoints will then award you 50% of the total points they earn!

7. InstaGC

InstaGC, simply for instant gift cards, offers a little more flexibility in how you can get free Google Play gift cards. They will grant you points when you complete different surveys, watch videos online, shop from their sponsored partners, or search the web.

You will also get 10 bonus points just for signing up, and 100 points are equal to $1 in Google Play gift cards. Occasionally, there are even more bonus point opportunities like trying a product, listening to music, and visiting sites from featured partners.

Google Play gift card codes are available in $10, $15, and $25 values, and it means that you will need anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 points to earn a gift card. Moreover, if you refer each of your friends, you’ll then receive an additional 110 points that make you 1/10 close of the points required to get a $10 Google Play gift card.

8. AppNana

Another successful app to get free Google Play credits is AppNana. It is a rather simple app in which you can only earn nanas (points) for downloading other apps and games featured.

AppNana will give you around 400 points each day for logging into your account. You can earn nanas for even playing your favorite games like Candy Crush or even something as simple as downloading the Facebook app.

You can then use the Nana reward points for redeeming them in Google Play and iTunes gift cards along with Amazon and Xbox as well.

A second option to redeem your point is using your gift cards for paid apps at the AppNana Store itself.

9. Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is another service that allows you to earn points that can be redeemed for Google Play gift cards. Whenever you download free apps, play games, and watch videos.

You will also receive bonus credit each day you log in to Tap Cash Rewards. You can also earn VIP status by linking the Facebook account to the app.

Did I forget to mention that it is an app-based service? And you install it on your Android smartphone to earn free google play credits on the go. Like other apps listed on the page, you might also get a referral bonus of around 100 points for each friend that signs up for the account to earn extra credits.

Unlike other apps, Tap Cash Rewards requires 1000 points for each $1, so it would need more to earn a $10 Google Play gift card.

However, the app being reliable gives you points whenever you log in, irrelevant to whether you do a job or not.

10. FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps is the most critically acclaimed app in this category as it allows you to earn bonus points for downloading sponsored apps and games like any other standard service. But you can further make points by referring friends and joining social media contests.

Now, here’s the unique feature where the app stands out. FreeMyApps also offers you reward points for watching YouTube videos as well.

Not only this, FreeMyApps claims to distribute over $27 million in gift cards among its users in exchange for free Google Play codes and in-game currencies.

If you’ve made a little extra, then you can donate your points to charity as well.

11. JunoWallet (Android App)

JunoWallet is a preferably great app in the ways you can win Google Play credits. You can make rewards points using the same methods as the other websites and apps mentioned, mainly downloading featured apps and games, completing surveys, or watching videos.

What makes the JunoWallet app unique is that you could also make money by making calls and grasp mystery rewards. If you win a mystery rewards offer, you have to open it fast as it disappears within 10 seconds.

One of the secrets to earning extra points with JunoWallet is referring to your friends and family. Many apps mentioned here have refer-a-friend reward bonuses. However, JunoWallet offers rewards on a layer basis. The more people you refer and actively play on JunoWallet, the more points you make.

JunoWallet also provides flexible reward point options. You can redeem your credits for Google Play gift card codes or, you can also use the points to enter raffles on JunoRewards.

Trading your points for online or retail gift cards is also an option if you’re not interested in Google Play credits.

12. Cubicer

Previously known as Cubic Reward, Cubicer allows you to earn free Google Play gift cards by using apps and games. You can earn additional points by referring to your friends through social media.

Apart from the Google Play credits, Cubicer also allows you to redeem the point in the form of a PayPal balance.

13. Register Your Samsung Device

If you don’t already know that Google also offers free Google gift cards whenever you purchase Google devices like Pixel or Google Home, nowadays, Samsung also offers a Google Play gift card for free along with their devices. For particular devices, you could even receive a free $25 Google Play gift card.

That’s a pretty excellent deal since you didn’t know about that offer anyway. To check if you qualify for any of the current offers, register your Samsung device now!

You can do so at https://www.samsung.com/us/galaxy-owners/.

14. Gift Box (Android App)

One of the highest-ranked apps to earn free Google Play codes is Gift Box. It has a 4.7-star rating with approximately 69,965 reviews, and you can earn rewards by downloading featured apps, playing games, watching videos, inviting friends to register, and logging into the app each day.

There are various tasks each day that allows you to get more points, and they also host a spin wheel to earn an even more significant reward potentially.

15. Buy a Chromecast Device

Like already mentioned, Google offers you a free Google Play gift card when you purchase a Chromecast device. Even more, you could register your Chromecast device now and check whether you’re eligible or not.

The amount of the Google Play reward codes may vary. You might be able to win $5 or even $25 in credits. Google has also made it possible to earn credits for each device you register.

You can also see any available offers by clicking the Google Home button on your device as well.

The latest offer is of a total of $6 for each device that you own. You can get it by registering on Chromecast offers.

16. WHAFF Rewards (Android App)

Last but not least, another legit way to earn free Google Play codes is by WHAFF Rewards. You are required to link your Facebook account with WHAFF Rewards to proceed.

Once your account is connected, you can then begin earning points by downloading featured apps and games. If you keep the apps on your smartphone for an extended time, you might also earn additional points.

The reward options vary from Google Play credits to Facebook cash, PlayStation Codes, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to redeem Google Play codes?

So, the hard part is done by earning all the free credits. Now, to redeem your balance.

Just log in to your Google Play account by going to play.google.com. From there, you can search for the app or premium game that you want to purchase.

On the next page, click on the Buy button and hit Continue.

Once you land on the payment method, you can easily select the Google Play gift card balance to pay for the app or game you need.

Tip: You can learn more about the Terms and Conditions and payment option on Google’s Official Guide.

Final Words

The Internet is full of ways claiming that you can earn a free Google Play gift card by using credit multipliers and code hacks. There are even thorough and detailed guides on how to get free Google Play gift cards, but eventually, they’re all scams.

If you want to earn Google Play credits by doing some tasks, that is pretty close to what can claim “Free.” Then you need to follow the given methods in the list.

All it requires is spare time, a PC, your Smartphone, and a good internet connection.