4 Easy Ways to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards & Music


For all those dire Apple users who want to get free iTunes gift cards but are struggling to get one, then it might be your lucky day today.

Unlike some online generator websites who have promising free iTunes gift cards for completing offers and what not but end up scamming you with your details and a complete waste of time.

We in this post will propose straightforward and legit methods for how to get free iTunes Gift cards to make purchases on an iPhone, iPad or computer.

If you are an audiophile or just too much into apps, then you must’ve struggled with getting the best-paid apps on iTunes as they are expensive.

Nevertheless, that it should be a justification for you to download those apps illegally as you may get into some serious problems later on.

However, there isn’t any need to have to go for the wicked way when there are multiple options to earn free iTunes gift card codes.

Now, do keep in mind that nothing is free on the web. You need to do or give something for something, right? Well, here you need to do some tasks in order to earn some “free” iTunes Gift Cards online.

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What is an iTunes gift card? Where can I use it?

Just like any other major e-commerce website, Apple also provides iTunes Gift Cards and Music Gift Cards which you can use to purchase different stuff or simply gift them to your friends and family as a present.

Each gift card is of different amount value like $25, $50, $100 and are used to buy paid apps, games, movies, books from iTunes, and the Music Gift card can provide you three month to 12-month music subscriptions.

Free iTunes Gift Cards & Music

How to get free iTunes gift cards?

There are a few numbers of rewards plans that you can subscribe to earn free iTunes gift cards in an uncomplicated way.

Most of these are from online platforms, and you will need to participate actively or passively in order to earn and redeem points for the iTunes gift cards.

So, let us start with the list of all the genuine methods to get free iTunes cards.

1. Using the Social Media

Following the gift card companies on social media is one reliable method to start off your quest.

However, you’ll need to know which of these companies offer free points or gift card in exchange for a subscription you make on their social platforms or just by following them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Also, such companies also host competitions on their social media, and for retweeting or liking the posts, you could get rewarded with free iTunes Gift cards codes.

Occasionally, such companies may as well hold contests where a certain amount of people that “Like” or retweet specific receives a complimentary gift card as a token of appreciation.

Next up, you could start following deal hunters on Twitter and Facebook. These people and groups track down most of the ongoing deals and broadcast them to their followers in closed community groups or via their social media platforms. These deals can sometimes be Gift cards as well.

Just search Twitter and Facebook for “deals”, “deal hunters“, “bargains“, “gift cards“, etc.

Many deal hunting accounts would pop up as per your location. They mostly specialize in Amazon, iTunes and Google Play gift card deals.

2. Registering Up for an Online Rewards Program

Now to do this, just create an account, and by doing this, an online rewards program might offer you iTunes free gift cards. But do keep in mind that they will generate a lot of marketing email and spams, as this is how they provide “free” gift cards.

In this case, we’ll suggest that rather than giving your official or personal email address, you can do all the junk stuff on a new email account for all your subscriptions.

Also, never ever provide your credit card details like card number and DOB they might risk to you in online theft. This is usually an unsafe medium of getting free iTunes codes.

Also, such Reward programs would ask you to run surveys through an email forwarded to you on your ID in exchange for the reward points which you can redeem for various gift cards amounts.

The most popular and rewarding programs out of which some are listed below:

  • MyCokeRewards
  • QuickRewards

Well, there are other ways apart from registering up a reward program or following and sharing posts on social websites.

In such methods, there is nothing that you have to pay, all you have to do is watch videos, complete the surveys, play games, etc.

This event will offer you some reward points, but they are entirely free and follows the legal process.

Creating a new email account and signing up for online rewards program would reward you with the gift cards in the long run. However, they generate a significant amount of spam emails and promotion links.

This is how the companies afford to give out free gift cards. As mentioned earlier, you can create an email address specifically for these rewards program to keep your inbox spam-free.

These companies usually partner with sponsor companies who post ads in between the surveys that user fills out in exchange for rewards.

There are chances that these surveys and special purchases are through the specific retailers who are offering the Gift Cards.

Moreover, the amount is low, say $5-$10 worth of iTunes amount that you can earn from such platforms.

Try making purchases that you would typically make at another store to keep the value of the gift card down.

Making additional investments just to receive a gift card will defeat the purpose as we are offering the close to “Free Methods.”

Members usually are given the opportunity to sign up with website sponsors for goods, products or online services; you do not need to accept to become a member or to earn points towards future gift cards.

All you have to do is to fill these kinds of surveys or share your views on a particular product or service to get rewarded with free points.

Quick Thoughts:  Rewards is a great website to earn some FREE iTunes Gift Cards by sharing your ideas. You can proceed with some quick surveys and local survey programs! Here, you can earn rewards at the very moment and redeem them as gift cards for free.

3. Enter to win the iTunes gift card

This is another excellent way to get you some free iTunes cards codes.

In this trick, you need to find the companies and websites who wish people to subscribe to their newsletters or promote the products in exchange to win a free iTunes gift card.

However, you need to be careful as some of these may be scams, and the chances of winning are always less with that number of competitors worldwide.

We recommend you to always opt for trusted and popular websites for availing these kinds of an offer.

Also, be very mindful while sharing your personal information on the web. For security measures, avoid sharing credit card details, your DOB, CC information, location, address, account number, etc. or any other information that you think might invade your privacy or can cause some online theft.

Set up an iTunes allowance:

In this method, iTunes allows an individual to set up a benefit on a monthly basis for another user, i.e., the beneficiary to spend on iTunes.

But, you need to make sure that you and the recipient have an Apple ID and valid email address for the trick to work.

If your guardians are offering to help you with paying for music, then you could request them to fix up an allowance for you every month.

By doing so, you’ll be able to manage and control your spending that all the credit dost get consumed at once.

4. Using Gather.com for iTunes Gift Cards

Create an account on Gather. This program allows its users to earn points by writing articles about subjects and interests of their choice, upload pictures or videos, and by commenting on other member articles on their community website.

Topics for the articles, pictures, and videos are decided simultaneously by the author.

There are various groups that members may join to discuss issues with members who have similar interests.

Start writing your articles and the more people that read your articles, the more reward points you will earn.

Writing quality content would help you to stand out and draw readers to your work.

Be aware that you will need to put an unusual amount of time in writing posts before you start seeing good rewards.

Moreover, if you have that much potential in writing for profit, then why publish on other websites so that you can earn actual money for the work.

You can then purchase the gift card easily.

However, coming back to the point. You can redeem your earned points once you’ve designated the threshold amount of points, you can redeem the points for gift cards from some businesses, including Amazon.

Gather also offers direct payments to PayPal, from which members can then purchase gift cards from iTunes or eBay.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards?

To redeem an allowance, navigate to the iTunes store and select Buy iTunes Gifts from the Quick Links option on your screens right side.

Now, enter your name and also the name of the recipient, and individual Apple IDs.

Make sure that you create an account with iTunes with your details of the CC for creating the iTunes allowance.

Before making any more changes in the account, do check that the current version of iTunes is installed on your device.

Final Words

Do share your ideas and let us know if you’ve successfully earned some good amount in the form of free iTunes Gift Cards and you’ve redeemed it for premium music, apps, and games.

Remember to not fall for all the scam websites who pose as an iTunes gift card official generator website that would give free gift cards to every user who visits their website. You might become a victim of scams and threats online.

Shailendra Zade is the founder of NoHumanVerification. He is an Internet Marketer, SEO Analyst, Tech Geek, Web Designer and a Blogger. Follow him.


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