Free PSN Codes & Gift Card Generator Guide in 2018 {100% Working}

Who doesn’t love getting things for free, right? I know you that most of you spend your spare time in searching Google for how to get free PSN discount codes or free PSN codes! One of our several popular posts on NoHumanVerification is about getting earning how to Free Google Play codes, free Amazon gift cards codes and all the downfalls of these said “Free Gift Cards”.

However, as they say, there’s nothing such as free in this world, not even friendship. They always want something in exchange. But the methods mentioned below don’t want you to spend any money. You are just required to do basic tasks, so it’s closest to what you can say “Free”.

Now, it is possible to earn free PSN codes. But unfortunately, there are dozens of scams happening on the web and thousands of people per day get fooled and victimized.

Hopefully, by defining things truthfully, with zero nonsense. This article would probably enlighten and prevent you from being scammed and all the legit methods to earn PSN codes.

You can skip to the section where we’ve mentioned all the ways you can get scammed by following free PSN codes on random generator sites in case you don’t want to hear about all the genuine and 100% working tricks on “how to get free PSN codes“.

PSN Code Generator (No Survey)

Our Play Station Network Codes generator is designed to generate unlimited PSN codes. You can use these codes to get some stuff on Play Station Network.

Our generator is completely free and it does not required to complete any survey like other generators. Use it and check the codes whether it is working for you.

Access Generator

How to Get Free PSN Codes? (Legit Ways)

If you want to get some PSN codes, that too for free then look no more as we might have just what you are looking for. Thus you won’t be needing to do any complicated task or surveys to gain the access to the codes that you need.

1. Free Giveaways & Giveaway Sites

One thing is that you can never satisfy yourself with few games while owning a PlayStation. You cannot easily entertain yourself with purchasing a few now and then, because they’re expensive. Now, there are a lot of YouTubers and People on the social platform that will do giveaways of PSN codes. The requirement to enter the giveaway will be that you need to subscribe to their channel or follow them.

We’re not going to say that it’s almost impossible to win a giveaway when there are millions of subscribers, and thousands are following the giveaway, but the odds are against you that it’s real.

However, your chances are more significant if the giveaway is sponsored by a legitimate company or someone with a very high social media presence (say MKBHD), which has a reputation they always protect.

So, do follow Tech Channels, especially Gaming Channels who sponsor huge giveaways for Google Play Gift Cards, Steam Wallet Codes, and most evidently, PSN Codes. You can track the history of announced winners, with links to the winner’s real social media profiles. You can also find the list of giveaways in the /r/giveaways subreddit.

But wait! You don’t want to waste your time in searching for hundreds of subreddit sites when you can always use this trick to save you some time.

As with most stuff, if we want to find in the immense web, our little friend Google comes to save the day and plays a major part in this procedure. You can learn how to use the advanced search parameters to save you time to earn free PSN codes on the Internet.

So, once you’ve selected the target subreddit for PSN Codes, copy the URL and head to

In the search bar, enter the following sentence or keyword

psn code site:” (without quotes)

Target Subreddit for PSN Codes

By doing such things, you can tell Google to search for some specific keywords (‘PSN code’ in this case) on a particular website ( You can change the keyword in case you couldn’t find what you are looking for.

Important Note: You should always use the toolbar and select for recent searches at least from the past month. No obligation to get all excited about a 2-year-old giveaway is there?

No need to give up just yet, all this means is that we have to try just a little harder as to what to search for, nothing is going to get between searching and finding these free PSN codes are there?

So PSN specific gift cards are not there, why don’t we search a more generic term using the related keywords.

Now we are talking!

Well, it is not technically a PSN code, but if you get these, you can simply use them to go and buy PSN codes from the Official Sony Store and still pay nothing.

You could also search for Visa gift cards, Credit card generator and Amazon gifts cards as they are ubiquitous and you can efficiently use those to purchase PSN code cards directly.

Actually, if you have a Visa gift card, then you can sell it, so several websites who offer cheap PSN Codes offers in exchange for the Visa ones.

CardPool is the most popular in this category. You can get more details about the trading terms and conditions on its official website.

Back to the basics, you need to keep this in mind that you can use the above-said method to search any website/subreddit. So, if you want to try out your luck on reddit/r/giveaways, here’s a quick list of other links where you might just score some free PSN gift card codes you desperately need so much:

2. Getting Free PSN Codes using Points Sites

As mentioned in previous posts regarding the generator scams, whenever you complete an offer you’ll earn the website owner between $0.20 and $3 while they’re scamming you.

Reward Point websites work by giving you the chance to earn points by completing offers. Such websites are much more sophisticated than generator sites and give you a genuine opportunity. All you need to do is to register an account and then earn enough points that you can afford a real working PSN discount code and trade in your points for the exchange of almost free PSN Codes.

But you should always keep a check on the terms of the offers happening on the website. Most of the time, 10-15% aren’t able to trade in their reward points because of their country location.

Moreover, if you try some over smartness by completing an offer with a proxy or with false ID, it will usually not convert either.

Be aware that in most cases, all of these codes would be the US only which means you will need to have a US PlayStation account in order to access the PSN Codes and for them to work. Many of them also offer cash payouts through with PayPal balance, etc.

To get started, here’s a list of some of the most popular and working points sites, where you can earn free PSN codes:

So, if you live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Northern Europe or Australia, there are chances that you’re likely to more offers available on these sites.

Apart from these locations, there will be much less offers and therefore, would be much harder to convert. In such cases, I recommend you start looking for any referral programs happening on their sites.

These websites often have effective referral programs for users to earn a lot of extra reward points by just inviting their friends and bringing new users using the referral links.

Furthermore, when your friend registers and uses the website to earn some points, you also get a small percentage of bonus points that you can trade.

3. Trading Codes or The Barter System

There are chances, for example, a person might receive a PSN code for his birthday present or win it in an offer (because you couldn’t) that they do not want or are not interested in.

Maybe their relatives sent them a PSN code and didn’t know that they might own an Xbox instead. Since the code has already been purchased and cannot be returned, people usually to sell or exchange them for goods online.

In this case, you might be fortunate enough to find someone for a code, and actually, have someone post a real one.

One of the best platforms online is the popular website ‘reddit‘ and ‘eBay‘ if you’re desperate enough to spend a little from your pocket.

However, The /r/psncodes subreddit is a great site/community to share PSN codes that you don’t want. So that someone else could enjoy them.

You’ll need to be quick though as hundreds of users eagerly wait for new posts daily!

Should I trust websites if they appear on the first page of search engines?

NO! Don’t get fooled that a site is real, just because they have managed to rank at the top of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. This is the first psychological trick that scam developers use in small niches like this.

Scam designers and artists have learned to use highly competitive “Churn and Burn” link building strategies, which force their generator websites to the top of search engine rankings temporarily with Black Hat SEO. We’ve witnessed many competitors offering the similar post and including a fake PSN Codes Generator in between.

Even the official PlayStation twitter handle once tweeted that.

“PSN Code Generators” are scams. Don’t fall for it.

You can read more here – (Twitter)

Free PSN Code Generator (Human Verification Scams)

Scammers know that their generator site will serve, at most, maybe some months before enough users start to complain and they get caught.

Once this happens, they’ll just start over with a fresh domain URL, and it starts again.

Free PSN Code Generators & Hack Sites

You will see a lot of these websites once you search “free PSN codes“. Not one or two but thousands of them.

Free PSN Code Generator

Generally, such sites will spring out by promising you that they could generate a PSN code out of thin air or even hack Sony’s and PlayStation’s servers.

The scam starts the minute you click on the “Generate Code Now” button. The website will then display some fake live feed processes and animation to make everything look Legit.

It will go like,

  • Contacting Generator Server.
  • Algorithm Decoding Encryption.
  • Accessing the PlayStation Database.
  • Syncing & Verifying Codes.
  • And finally, Generating unique codes.

Furthermore, the Generator website would then display an incomplete/blurred PSN code and prompts you to verify your identity or filling out a survey form. At this point, they will also ask you to complete an offer, which it could even be downloading a featured app or game.

The owner of the website will make around $0.20 and $2 when you complete such offers. And obviously, you won’t be receiving any $10, $20 or $25 PlayStation codes.

Don’t fall for the looks of such websites as they are very convincing and made to feed on your eager thinking. They contain fake chat boxes, reviews, and what not to make the user believe that it’s Christmas for PSN Codes.

The Chain Link Websites

They are known as “Chain Link” sites because they’re a digital version of chain letters. But really, such websites don’t have an accepted name.

Developers and Freeloaders use such domains that are being cooked up, ready to become generator websites. Think of them like mini-scams or malware before the main course.

Blurred PSN Code

When you visit on one of these straightforward appearing sites, they’ll also show you a Blurred or Obfuscated PSN code that would be “ready to be used”. You will get a referral link, and the website would instruct you that you need to get 10-20 other users to click your referral link to unlock the ready to use PSN code.

Usually, they have a simple progress itinerary that looks like a multi-stage checkout cart:

  • Share the referral link.
  • Get 10 or 20 clicks from unique visitors; You have 0/20 so far!
  • Unlock the rest of your free PSN code.

The newly updated websites also sport a database. So that you can fall into the illusion that they are indeed working and counting how many people you’ve referred. On the other hand, the genuine referral programs have real revenue sources, and they don’t just rely on clicks, but count actual conversions.

The whole purpose of such websites is to get you to waste your time spamming broken referral links everywhere on the web. It benefits in the boosting of backlinks for search engines and ranks so that the developers can finally hatch it into a fully-fledged PSN Code Generator Site.

The spam from these sites is questionable because they are so viral and you cannot escape the chain sequence of pop-up links unless you close your browser.

The Interstitial Links

There are times that some “generous” website admins would post a generic spam using the anchor text “Get Free PSN Code List” in their URL links because everyone knows this is just another super-attractive thing to click on.

The Interstitial Links

These are usually interstitial links that lead to a full-page advertisement. You’ll then have to wait for a minute or so until the skip button appears. For this, the person who offers the link will make him $0.01 from you.

The minute you click on the ‘Skip‘ button. You’ll probably be sent to another interstitial web page, or even worse a generator site.

To make it more authentic, the website offers a list of 50-100 fake or used PSN codes which would never be valid if you enter them on the PlayStation website.

Final Words

So, this was all about PSN codes. You can easily subscribe or fall victim to the scams if you’re dumb enough to believe that. There might be a website offering hundreds of free PSN codes to every visitor.

Do share your thoughts on the genuine and working ways that we’ve mentioned. Did you get any bonus codes from them or not? If Free PlayStation Plus Codes worked for you.

You can also do us a favor by sharing it with any person to whom it might come handy.

Please let us know if you’re facing any trouble regarding the methods in the comment section below. Till then, enjoy gaming in the PlayStation.


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