Free Redbox Codes and Gift Cards 2018 – 2019 (Updated)

Free Redbox Codes

Are you looking for Free Redbox Codes? If yes then most probably you have landed on the right page. Here in this article, you shall get to know everything about Redbox, its history, how to use Redbox promo codes, the available Redbox promo codes, etc.

So, How much did you pay for your Netflix Subscription? Is it way too much? Or you do you pay every time you rent a movie from a store or online?

Entertaining yourself could get pretty expensive if you’re a movie buff or when the “Winter is Coming.” Since we’re not promoting you to download the pirated content from freeware websites

Well, how about paying $0 for renting the movies? But How? With Redbox promo codes!

What are Redbox Codes?

If you’re a movie lover, then you must’ve heard of Redbox and the automated movie rental kiosks outside supermarkets. If not, then you must be living under a rock, or you might be laying on your sofa way too long.

Redbox Rentals

You may have even seen the Redbox Kiosks in front of the local stores like Walgreens or inside fast food chains like McDonald’s.

Redbox offers a variety of DVDs, Blu-Rays, and video game rentals via more than 42,000 automated retail kiosks situated at more than 34,000 locations across the country.

To promote its rental kiosks, Redbox offers various discount and promo codes. Using these codes, you can get a hefty discount or even free rents which are available on multiple coupon websites.

Unfortunately, the Internet has also scammed this niche with fake websites and malware. People always look out for free Redbox codes on the web and often come across sites that claim to fill the pockets of users with free Redbox Promo Codes using their “Generator.”

Not only they design their whole website like that but also pose a genuine and legal one that’ll your save your day out of the blues. But the simple explanation to all of this is that these Generator websites are just a scam.

Why We Use Redbox?

Now we know that Redbox can be more expensive than it seems if you rent a movie occasionally instead of getting the monthly subscription for Netflix or Hulu. But we’ll do our best to eliminate expense because we’ve taken the liberty to find out some of the best ways to earn free Redbox codes online.

In a way, we even took it a step further, so you wouldn’t have to pay for a Redbox rental, or you could at least get a heavy discount.

How to Get Free Redbox Codes for Movies?

We wouldn’t do anything legal or piracy related during the process. It’s just that you if you play the game right, you would almost always get free Redbox codes.

Let’s start with the basics and jump right to the free Redbox movie strategy which you’ve all been waiting so far.

Free Redbox Movie Strategy

This is the primary strategy which you could try if you don’t want to dig deeper into the free Redbox promo codes. This one is pretty straightforward assuming that you would follow some simple rules.

The first thing is never to have a movie for more than one rental day. This is the exclusive way by which you can get a 100% free Redbox movie rental as there is no free multi-day rental on Redbox.

Finally, the second rule is the last rule. Yes! The trick is that simple. All you need to do is to use a promo code from now on. Promo codes (also known as coupon codes or rental codes) are elementary to come by if you know where to look.

Even when you sign up for the Redbox newsletter subscription, the company occasionally sends unique promo codes for their readers which can get them a free night rental.

Furthermore, registering yourself on the Redbox text club would get some occasional promo codes from the company.

Now, you can subscribe to their list by multiple emails by getting help from your friends and family. Eventually, you’ll have enough promo codes to rent yourself a whole week of free movies as the company sends free Redbox coupon codes to each subscribed email.

How to Get Free Redbox Rentals by Using The Same Coupons?

Do keep in mind that Redbox only allows you to use each of the standard promo code once during your debit or credit card payment for the movie rentals. However, here’s a small trick or hack that would only work if you have more than one credit or debit cards.

If you have access to lots of cards (ask your parents or friends), you have access to hundreds of free movies. This strategy works really great if you sign up for multiple credit cards and opt for sign up bonuses as well.

Legit Ways to Earn Redbox Promo Codes

Getting Redbox codes is comparatively simple from getting all the free Google, Amazon gift cards only if you know where to find. So, here are some of the best working methods of getting free Redbox codes for movie rentals.

1. Installing The Redbox App:

Though most of the registration and other processes can be done from the official Redbox website, they also offer their free app that can be downloaded for both Android and Apple devices.

Once you install the application, you begin to receive exclusive deals, promos and coupons codes that you could use to either get free rentals. Just like when you subscribe to their newsletters

Apart from giving you the discount and promo codes, the app enables to order, pay and pick up the movie directly from the Redbox Kiosk. You can even watch movie trailers and more.

You can get the Redbox app through these links:

Download on Google Play (for Android devices)

Download on App Store (for iOS devices)

2. Online Reservations:

Do you know you can also get free Redbox promo codes from online reservations? All you need to do is to just pay for your first Movie Rental. Here is how you could get an online reservation from Redbox promo codes:

  • First, register for an account by visiting
  • Book your first rental movie from the website.
  • Once you reserve the rental, take a ride to your nearest Redbox kiosk and pick up the movie DVD or Blu-Ray (whatever you got).
  • When you return the rented movie, the company will probably send you a free credit to your account.
  • You can now use this to get your next rental for free.

3. Check for Specific Promo Codes for Local Redbox Locations:

Just keep an eye out next time you’re at your local grocery store, convenience store or even at McDonald’s. Maybe it is your lucky day, and they could garner you some free Redbox Codes.

There are 95% chances that the Store owners provide you a free promo code when you buy something. If not, just for it. So, next time you’re heading out to shop or eat at a place with the Redbox kiosk, look out for the free promo codes on signs, receipts, and flyers.

4. Using Code Sharing Websites:

Do you know that one of the prominent ways to find codes is to look on for code sharing communities online? Websites like Inside Redbox and Thrifty Moment have been offering free Redbox codes for quite a few times now.

You can use the promo code per credit/debit card. Just remember that you still need to use the credit card in case you’re deciding to keep the movie for more than one night as the company charges you on a daily basis. But obvious, if you have more than one promo code, then you could use the same coupon code multiple times.

5. Following The Social Media:

By only becoming a fan of Redbox Promo Codes on Facebook, you could get an inside look at all the latest updates, discount codes, and even some giveaway promo codes if you participate in the seasonal contests.

The company frequently proffers out free codes for a night’s rental on the Facebook page. So, make sure that you like their Facebook page, and turn on the notifications and keep an eye on your news feed for all the free Redbox codes.

List of Working Redbox Codes in 2018 – 2019

All of the preceding methods are excellent ways to get free coupons codes for Redbox. But, to make things easier. We’ve listed a few codes ourselves that you can apply to get free movie rentals right away.

No.Redbox CodeDescription
1FREEBIEEnter the word FREEBIE to 727272, and you’ll receive a coupon.
2PUSHTexting the word PUSH to 727272, you will get hands-on of a free one-night rental.
3MOVIENIGHTEnter in the keyword MOVIENIGHT and Redbox would provide you with the access to a rent one, get one free offer. So, if you rent a movie, you’ll get the second one for free. You can get a promo code by texting this once per week.
4DVDATMACUsing the code DVDATMAC at your nearest McDonald’s Redbox location, you'll get a free rental. This might not work at all places, but it’s worth trying.
5REDBOXIf you’re a new Redbox customer, then you could text the code to 727272, and you’ll receive a free rental.
6DVDATWAGIf your local kiosk is located near Walgreens, then try entering the code DVDATWAG. It will give you a free rental, and it is an older code, so it may or may not work for everyone, but it’s worth a try.
7MOVIE TIMEIf you text the keyword MOVIE TIME to 727272, then you can get a free movie rental once per week.
8H99976F2The code will give you a free one day DVD rental. All you have to do is to make sure that you use it online or through the app.
9DVDKROGUsing the promo code DVDKROG, you might get a free rental at any Kroger store. Alternatively, try the code DVDATKROGER if that doesn't do.
10DVDATWEGUsing the code at Wegman’s grocery stores, you could get a free movie. Just enter DVDATWEG and keep in mind that not all locations will accept the code, but you can at least give it a try.
11WALGREENSUsing the code WALGREENS, you can get a free rental at Walgreen’s Redbox franchises. You can also try the code BREAKDOWN.
12MOVIEBy just entering the keyword MOVIE to 727272, you’ll get free movie rental from Redbox.
13APPNOWAnother remarkable deal you could get is by texting 727272 whenever you want to reserve a movie via the Redbox App. All you need to do is enter the word APPNOW.
14DRIVEINUsing the code DRIVEIN at any Sonic Redbox locations to get a free rental. This code might not work in all areas, however, give it a go anyway. Alternatively, you could also attempt the code DVDATSONI.
15DVDNIGHTUsing the code DVDNIGHT to get a free DVD rental from the Kiosk.
16RENTONMEAnother code you can use to get a free DVD rental is RENTONME.
17EMAILIf you'll text the word, just email it to 727272 and then respond to the message you'll receive with your email address, then you can get a free movie DVD rental. The code for the lease will be sent to the email address, and you would get two weeks for using the code after you receive it.
18REDBOXHEBUsing the promo code REDBOXHEB, you can get a free rental at any HEB Kiosk locations.
19BREAKROOMTo get a free rental for limited locations, you could also try entering the code BREAKROOM.
20DVDONMEDVDONME is a promo code that new customers can use at specific spots to get a free movie rental.
21GAMEKIDSIf you enter the code GAMEKIDS to 727272 you get a free one-day video game rental.

How to Use The Free Redbox Promo Codes?

Using such promo codes is incredibly easy. Here’s how:

  1. First, Locate a Local Redbox Kiosk.
  2. Go the kiosk and Enter The Promo Code from the main screen or just before you’re checking out.
  3. After you’ve entered your free Redbox promo code, you would then get a free one-day rental.

Moreover, if you decide to keep the movie DVD for more than a day, you’ll be charged one dollar per day or as per the terms.

Final Words

With these free promo codes and all the legit methods that we shared would easily get you more than 1-2 free night rentals.

Free is always good but if you’re doing it to the right way! But do remember that the return timing for all the rental movies 9 pm the following day. However, if you wish to keep the DVD or Blu-Ray, or the Game CDs for more than one night, then Redbox starts charging you $1 per day from your Credit Card that you initially entered during the payment.

Moreover, try to stay away from Online Generator Scams and identify the website which promises to gift you free Redbox promo codes. They are all FAKE! They’ll fool you by posing as legit algorithm based sites generating unique Redbox codes out of thin air.

Do share your thoughts and let us know if you’re experiencing any trouble regarding the registration or in any method of earning free Redbox Codes online in the comment section below. Cheers!

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